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 Curses: A Midsummer Night’s Peeve
 Year Copyrighted: 1997
 Reading performed by ASU Drama Club ( December 1997).
 ASU Choral Theatre, San Angelo, Texas
 Beowulf: A Roaring Twenties Epic
 Year Copyrighted: 2000
 Reading performed by the Beth-El Players (August 2000).
 Temple Beth-El, San Antonio, Texas

 Baba Yaga: The Cyrillic Witch
 Year Copyrighted: 2002

 Reading performed by BRAVI (August 2002).
 Grant Hall Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri
 Lockless in Life: A Stream-of-Life Musical
 Year Copyrighted: 2003
 Served as librettist.
 Music by Dan Timoskevich.

 Life of an Artist
 Year Copyrighted: 2003
 Served as composer.
 Libretto by Hannah Park and James Oh.
 Performed by BRAVI (August 2003).
 Grant Hall Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri

Year Copyrighted: 2005
Served as composer and librettist.

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